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    Below you will find the latest English-language articles published by members of the Department of Media and Business Communication:

    • Spangardt, B., Ruth, N., & Schramm, H. (2016). “… and please visit our Facebook page, too!” How Radio Presenter Personalities Influence Listeners’ Interactions with Radio Stations. Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 23, 68-94. [Online]
    • Hartmann, T., Wirth, W., Schramm, H., Klimmt, C., Vorderer, P., Gysbers, A., Böcking, S., Ravaja, N., Laarni, J., Saari, T., Gouveia, F. & Sacau, A. (2016). The Spatial Presence Experience Scale (SPES): A Short Self-Report Measure for Diverse Media Settings. Journal of Media Psychology, 28, 1-15. [Online]
    • Ruth, N., Spangardt, B., & Schramm, H. (2016). Alternative music playlists on the radio. Flow experience and appraisal during the reception of music radio programs. Musicae Scientiae. [Online First]
    • Brown, K. A., Billings, A. C., Schallhorn, C., Schramm, H. & Devlin, N. A. (2016). Power within the Olympic Rings? Nationalism, Olympic Media Consumption, and Comparative Cases in Germany and the USA. Journal of International Communication, 22, 143-169. [Online]
    • Schallhorn, C. & Hempel, A. (2015). Media Coverage of Thomas Hitzlsperger’s Coming-out in German Newspapers. Journalism Studies. [Online First]
    • Schramm, H. & Knoll, J. (2015). Effects of Women’s Football Broadcastings on Viewers’ Moods and Judgments - Investigating the Moderating Role of Team Identification and Sex. Communication Research. [Online First]
    • Knoll, J., Schramm, H., Schallhorn, C. & Wynistorf, S. (2015). Good guy vs. bad guy – The influence of parasocial interactions with media characters on brand placement effects. International Journal of Advertising: The Review of Marketing Communications, 34, 720-743. [Online]
    • Ruth, N. (in press). "Heal the World": A field experiment on the effects of music with prosocial lyrics on prosocial behavior. Psychology of Music.
    • Ruth, N., & Schramm, H. (in press). German music talent shows. In M. Ahlers & C. Jacke (Hrsg.), Perspectives on German Popular Music Studies. Farnham: Ashgate.
    • Schramm, H. (in press). Radio research methods. In J. Matthes (Ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
    • Schramm, H., & Cohen, E. L. (in press). Emotion regulation/Coping via media use. In P. Rössler (Ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Media Effects. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
    • Böhm, T., Ruth, N. & Schramm, H. (in press). "Count On Me" - The 
      influence of music with prosocial lyrics on cognitive and affective 
      aggression. Psychomusicology.